Speedy Rivets® are ideal for riveting leather, cloth, paper, book binding and numerous applications where a quick, positive riveting fastener is required.  The Speedy rivets are applied quick and easy by making a small hole in the application material, inserting the button top and post base and simply hammering the two together with a hammer. 

Snapper® is traditionally a small, light duty four part stainless steel snap fastener unit.  Within the Snapper division is a unique two piece locking fastener that form a permanently locked attachment.  Snapper is typically used in packaging, leather goods, sporting goods, military end items and envelopes.

The DOT Pull-It-Up™ fastener is a highly engineered, self locking snap fastener that cannot come undone once engaged, yet it releases instantly by simply pulling up on the head of the button component.  Manufactured from brass, the Pull-It-Up range includes a variety of stud styles including screw studs, two hole plate studs, and screw base studs all with stud head heights in either short or normal constructions.  The positive engagement of the socket to stud and the resultant locking of the attachment are product features that translate to benefits on applications where security, style, and performance are minimum prerequisites for fastener products.  The Pull-It-Up fastener is an ideal choice for marine, leather, and automotive applications where something new and different is required. 

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