Conforms to US Government MIL-10884 specs, MS27983 Style 4

Pull-the-DOT is a heavy duty, three sided locking snap fastener that is designed to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking.  When pulled on the fourth side where the Pull-the-DOT trademark appears, the fastener will release instantly.  This unique feature sets the Pull-the-DOT apart from other standard fasteners.

Pull-the-DOT fasteners are an ingenious alternative to the standard Lift-The-DOT three-sided locking fastener.  Round in shape, employed with a coined eyelet construction, Pull-the-DOT is self-piercing on standard application materials.

Many applications have been designed to utilize the features and benefits of the Pull-The-DOT fastener.  From automotive to safety products, Pull-The-DOT has developed a well-earned reputation for performance in difficult environments.
Suitable Applications:

Leather goods / Holsters
Marine                                    Military End Items
Tent / Awning

Posts / Eyelets
Screw Studs 








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