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  • Common Sense® Turn Button Fastener Set - Cloth-to-Surface (Nickel Plated) - (Screws are included)

    This Nickel Plated Common Sense® fastener set contains all the pieces needed to complete a cloth to surface fastener.

    The set includes a total of 500 pieces - 100 Grommets, 100 Washers, 100 Turn Buttons, 200 Screws.

    Parts are made from Brass and are a good choice in Marine applications - they are most commonly used for dodgers.

    Set includes 100 Packs:

    • Common Sense® Grommet 91-BS-78404--1A Nickel Finish 0.315 inch 100 pack
    • Common Sense® Washer 91-BS-78505--1A Nickel Finish 100 pack
    • Common Sense® Turn Button 91-XB-78322--1A Nickel Finish 100 pack
    • Flat Head Screw - 98-XS-900-0-1 Stainless Steel Finish - Two 100 Packs( #0 square drive)

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