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DOT® Durable™ and Pull-the-DOT® Post 93-BS-10412--2C Government Black Finish 1/4 inch 1000 pack

Description 1/4" Post
Finish: Government Black
Item Number: 93-BS-10412--2C
Pack Size: 1000

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Scovill’s DOT product line has provided durability and quality for more than 100 years.

Most DOT Fasteners are Made in the USA.

Many products conform to the US Military and Commercial Specifications.

Product Specification(s)

Product Specification(s)

Country of Origin United States
Product Type Posts/Eyelets, Snaps
Finish Government Black
Diameter In. (D) 0.565 in
Diameter mm. (D) 14.351 mm
Pack Size 1000
Applications Ammunition Packs, Boat Covers, Boat Seats, Gear Bags, Gloves, Ground Cover, Handbags, Helmets, Holsters, Luggage, Privacy Curtains, Protective Gear, Seats, Tarps, Tents and Awnings, Umbrellas, Uniforms, Wallets
Material Brass
Military Specification Number (Mil Spec) NASM27980-8B
Minimum Foundation 0.015, 0.045
Maximum Foundation 0.085, 0.115