Terms and Conditions

Our Products

We guarantee that DOT Fastener products will be free from defects in workmanship and material. No claims for defective material or workmanship will be allowed unless such claims are made within 30 days from the date of shipment. No returned goods will be accepted unless authorized and accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. Seller's liability for defective workmanship or material is limited to the delivery free of charge of new products in exchange for products found by Seller to be defective, on authorized return and inspection by it.


The above warranties are in lieu of any other warranties whether expressed, implied, or statutory. SELLER DOES NOT WARRANT THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ITS PRODUCTS.


DOT Fasteners reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Prices listed on dotfasteners.com are item specific. Quantities of different products from within the same or different sales classes may not be combined to determine price brackets.

Quality Standards

Morito Scovill Americas is a manufacturer and finisher of metal stamping that has a reputation for superior product integrity and engineering excellence. Scovill is committed to providing product that meets the high level quality standards in the product lines of DOT®, Duramark®, Gripper® and Medical. Scovill ensures to the buyer that product will be free from critical defects based on meeting the following quality standard rates: DOT: 99.95% and Medical: 99.98%

Product Representation

Though our goal is to display our products as accurately as possible, finishes and colors of various products shown on DOT Fasteners web sites, literature and media are intended to be a guide only. Color representations will vary depending on the computer, device or printing method used.


All orders should be verified immediately upon receipt of the shipment, and before the use of any items. DOT Fasteners will not be held liable for any value beyond the cost of the items purchased.